Shine Party

fbWelcome to the home of Shine Party.

Launched in 2016 by Lorna Parkinson the creative director behind Shine Tiaras & Accessories.

Lorna saw a need for parties that boosted the confidence of the party goer as they develop a new skill in jewellery making.

“Parties are a fantastic fun environment in which to try something new, there is no pressure to perform and as this is a creative activity – anything goes. I love to see their faces when I explain no-one in the whole world will ever have a piece of jewellery the same as yours!  I have always marvelled at the uniqueness of children says Lorna mother of 3.  They need to celebrate their differences and jewellery making helps them express their style, taste and personality in a new way.  Their little voices are heard and expressed in a piece they will treasure forever.”  Lorna Parkinson

Based in West Yorkshire, England.

Restricted dates available across West Yorkshire – with sales associate opportunities further afield so if you fancy hosting parties elsewhere we would love to hear from you.




Make a bracelet party only £69


Make a tiara party only £99